Minggu, 20 Februari 2011


This four words has became my middle name now.
Weak, in this situation if anything happen in your life you will get down.
that situation that i feel right now. weak, very weak. i just cant explain why.
why that i feel it. That i know is, now i'm trying to solve it. i'm so in struggle with this situation.
I just can try to survive, and not to deep with all this.
Because i know, that everything will be wonderful in the time.
And everything will be oke and back to usual as it have to be. With Your own plan God. i knew it.
I just can wait when the time is come.
Honestly, i'm very weak right now. the weakness part to start this early year.

But, i learn absolutely from this situation.
That this is the part of "Life Journey", when people feel down and up.
when they are feel free and happy when they're in up, and they are feel sad, worried, slumped, and tears around them, when they're feel in down.
remember, when you are in up don't forget to look down. that makes you feel that you dont wanna be in down anymore, and make you not do same mistake.

Weak, weak and weak........
I just wanna scream loudly, "aaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
but it not solve the problem.
Now, that ive to do is believe that i know God every time i step i know You always hold my hand :)

because, sometimes shit things happens.
just face it! because its part of what life it is.

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