Senin, 14 Maret 2011

how could you hurts somebody. when you said that you need me so
how could you leave somebody. when you said that you love me so
first time you said that i was yours. you change my life around
loving you is like living in heaven. but the day when you broke my heart
i felt from up above. you told me how sorry you were
i still find lies in your eyes
i though you were my angel. i never fell so deceive, baby
you knowing that’s not change anything. but i do still want you, baby
it’s like long road that never end within i sitll remain
but ain’t go’in nowhere it go’in nowhere even it hurts so bad
sure i stay sure i go
cause i’m give’in all to you
hooo.. please somebody tell me what i’m supposed to do

Its Hurt So Bad

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